Switching Things Up a Bit

Plenty of times I’ve talked about how we live up on a mountain and life is great and all that. And all of that is still true…but, we’re moving. We definitely weren’t planning to move, as we do love our house, but a few things have changed, which encouraged us to start looking. And we were fortunate enough to find, pretty much everything we could possibly want in a property…

We are moving to a home on 15 acres, where we will be able to live out all of my gardening/homesteading dreams, and then some. The house itself is a project, it needs a little bit of work, which will be  challenging  at times, but we’re up for that challenge and we’re excited to get started.

The property is amazing. It’s 15 acres with a creek, rolling hills, fenced-in and has a barn. It also already has a chicken coop, but that thing is gonna need some work before any of the girls can go in there. The barn is large, and has been used for horses in the past, but I don’t see us using it for that purpose. I’m not exactly for sure what all we’re going to do at this point, we haven’t gotten there yet. We still have to close and get started on some of the more pertinent projects – like the roof and the siding. Once we make progress on some of those items, we can get started on some of the more fun projects. More details will come.

In other news, wow, what a winter it has been. And by that, I mean a nonexistent winter. We’ve literally received less than 5 inches of snow all winter, and have enjoyed pretty routine temps in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s been great, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, I do enjoy a nice winter. It definitely makes you excited for spring, but I feel like we’ve been living spring for the last month or so.

I decided to go ahead and start some seeds, figured I’d be able to plant them as soon as we moved into the new house. PKB and I planted some tomatoes, basil and peppers last weekend, so we’re excited to watch those pop up.

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