Who are we?


I’m the Dad. I do most of the blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting for Backyard Baers. And do most of the dirty work and the heavy-lifting around the house. I was mostly raised in Florida and Virginia, before moving to Texas and then to Virginia. You might find me outside shoveling feces, listening to Eric Church or Conor Oberst.


Gen is the Mom. She’s the second coolest member of the family. She’s a musician and is in to essential oils, Netflix, music and being a mother. She was raised in Georgia, where she spent her entire childhood.


PKB is our four year old daughter. Her role around the house is to keep things interesting with her hilarious comments, crazy antics and curiosity. And boy does she keep us busy! She’s a Texan, but slowly adopting Virginia as her second home state.


The newest member of the family, ECB was born in December 2017. His hobbies are crying and eating, and every now and then he takes a nap.