Return of the Eggs!

The ladies’ winter hiatus has ended, and they are back at work! For the first time since December 30, on March 1st I found eggs in the nesting box – 3 of them! I was pretty happy, our ladies are two years old this month and this was the first winter where they went such a long stretch without laying any eggs. Last winter I got over 125 eggs from 12/1/16-2/28/17, this year I got 28 over that same time frame, and zero from 1/1/18-2/28/18. Fortunately, I had stored up enough eggs that over that stretch we never had to purchase eggs from a store (and I’m not sure I could have done that anyways, I would have felt like I was cheating on my ladies with other hens – so we probably just would have gone without eggs for a while).

In other news, the rooster continues to not trust me. He doesn’t try to attack me much anymore, but he does watch every move I make when I am anywhere near the coop. I constantly remind him that those were my ladies before they were his – as he joined the flock about a year ago.

PKB and ECB are getting along great. PIMG_4529KB absolutely adores her baby brother, and is being a great big sister.  She is always posing with him saying, “Wouldn’t this make a great picture?!” Here she is giving him a kiss on the cheek.

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