About us….Well, we’re a young family – we have a 7 year old daughter and a 3 year old son – and we live in Central Virginia. We moved here from Austin, Texas in December 2013.

In 2008 I was introduced to the idea of homesteading – and I thought, huh, wouldn’t that be cool to do? I started thinking about how we put food in our bodies every single day, but how much do we really know about it? Wouldn’t it be great, and save me a lot of worry, if I knew where my food had been and how it was raised/grown? And so, that became the goal: Live a life where we can feel good about the food we’re eating. Now, we have not completed that goal, a matter of fact, we still have quite a ways to go. But, we have completed step 1, which is to have a goal! So, that’s a start!

We’re learning as we go here, and it’s a difficult journey, because most of the time I find I’m asking myself, “What the heck am I doing?!” And most of the time, I don’t have an answer. But we keep on trucking, and hope you’ll follow along on our blog, Facebook or Twitter, and be apart of the journey!

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