Full Speed Ahead!

We are full speed ahead here in Central Virginia as renovations continue! Some DIY renovations and some not-so-DIY. EvenFullSizeRender PKB has gotten into mix, as she helped paint her bedroom. She even picked out the color herself – a not so surprising light pink.

We have been doing plenty of painting, I’m still replacing outlets and I’ve started working on a chicken coop. And there are still plenty of DIY projects on the list to be done in the near future.

The not-so-DIY renovations are also taking place. The kitchen, master bathroom, guest bathroom and utility room are all completely gutted, ready to be redone. And on the list to be done is replacing the siding and the roof.

We will spend our first night there this Saturday, so we are extra busy getting everything moved and ready to go. I hope to be totally done with the move by noon on Sunday – that means having everything moved and taking down the chicken coop….so I can then go to the new house and rebuild it. Fortunately, the new coop doesn’t have to be built from the ground up. I am using a section of the barn for the coop, but I will have to build a new run. Like I always say, ‘The work never stops!’




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