Summer Came Early!

It’s early June, but boy, everything says it’s already summer! The grass is growing like crazy, the temps and humidity are high, PKB wants to play in water ever chance she gets and I can’t go outside without sweating!

Projects continue at Backyard Baers, but unfortunately, I feel like every time I complete one, I’m adding two new ones to the list.

I realized during the move I busted the chickens’ watering device. I cracked it down the center, and it was literally about to fall apart. So, I built a brand new one that is nice and sturdy. It’s also a little larger and holds more water. The original one was like a rectangle that held two bottles of water. This one is a triangle and holds three bottles. Like everything else I do, afterwards I wished I had built it a little differently, but this will work. One of these days I will learn I need to spend more time on the design phase. While I was working on this project, I also realized the girls (and boy – I need to get used to including the rooster) had absolutely no shade in their run; and every time it rained their food container was full of water. So, I used the roof from my previous coop to build them a little shelter that provides plenty of shade, and some cover for their dust bathing area and their food container.

Of course, I don’t spend all my time working for the chickens. I’ve spent plenty of time on house projects as well. The painting, which is my least favorite part, seems like it will never end. I am so tired of painting I’m tempted to just hire someone to do the rest, so I can focus on other – more enjoyable – projects. And textured ceiling. Ugh! Oh my gosh, if I ever meet the person that invented textured ceiling I might kill them on the spot. I have made progress though. At this point, I’ve finished the master and PKB bedrooms, the upstairs hallway and am currently working on the downstairs living area….which has a lot of trim. My least favorite part.

I’ve also spent plenty of time chopping wood. We are going to be set on firewood for quite some time! I’ve chopped a lot, and I have plenty left to do. I could probably spend the next three weeks nonstop chopping wood, and I still wouldn’t be finished.

This morning on the way to work and school, PKB and I stopped off to vote in the Virginia primary election. It was PKB’s first voting experience, so naturally, I had to take a picture outside with her wearing the ‘I voted’ sticker.


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