The Chicks are Ready and Waiting!

Well, 5 weeks ago we picked up three 1-week old Rhode Island Reds. They’ve been living in our basement in an old aquarium with a wire-top, pine-shavings and a heat lamp driving our cat and dogs crazy. Unfortunately, they’re still living there, despite the fact they need to get out!

We decided on a DIY chicken coop/run, and have been working our tails off trying to get it done. And it essentially is, but it’s not at the point where I we can put the ladies in it, and I will feel confident they are safe from anything and everything. TBD on whether going the DIY route was a good idea…

I think one day this week, maybe Thursday, it will be ready where they can spend the day in it, but I don’t anticipate them spending the night out there until probably Saturday. In the meantime, I have rigged up a little ranging area for them with some leftover wire, so they are getting some outdoor time everyday.

In other news, PKB has been very interested in the chicks. She says they’re her chicks and they are cute, although she pronounces it as pkb chicks“coot.” She always wants to hold one, but if you get it out for her, she just wants to touch their head with a single finger. When we have them in their ranging area outside, she always wants to get in with them, but then just stands there and doesn’t move a muscle. I will say, her enjoyment of them has been an added bonus of having chickens I h
ad kinda forgot about.

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